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Rhinotek Introduces ZERO LANDFILL Recycling program.

Rhinotek has formed a special program and we are interested in all your empties. The recycling program is managed by our recycling partner, an industry leader in the recycling program. They are ISO14001:2004 certified, maintain a documented Zero Landfill Initiative and a strong commitment to the environment. Sign Up Now

Free and simple recycling program

Rhinotek has developed a FREE and simple process to help you take advantage of our new recycling program. No cost to you, we'll pay for shipping.

Shipping your empties is easy

It's simple, we'll supply the necessary kit - self-addressed packaging at no cost to you.

How it works

Once you set up an account, returning your empties to Rhinotek is simple.
Rhinotek provides prepaid pre-labeled boxes at No charge to you.
Zero Landfill Over 97% of all incoming material is recycled.
Free Processing and Collection High Volume Customers
Please contact your sales representative for more information. Tel: 800.695.7446


At Rhinotek we are committed to recycling and saving the environment. Every year over 400 million toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges, with a weight of 200 million pounds, are sent to the land fills. It takes approximately 3 quarts of oil to produce a cartridge. Recycling all cartridges would save about 300 million gallons of oil annually. It's a function of supply and demand and with oil demand high, our gasoline prices are close to $3.00 per gallon. It's our choice to take a little extra effort to keep our environment clean and our costs down. We can have the land fill picture on the left, with toner cartridges that will take thousands of years to decompose, or the green valleys on the right. Recycling also makes economic sense. Most schools have setup toner and cartridge recycling programs to fund their computer labs. We are proud that we work with many of these recyclers for a cleaner environment.     

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